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Partners in Pediatrics is a Pediatric Physician Hospital Organization located in Knoxville, Tennessee with approximately 326 pediatric and pediatric specialty providers covering middle east Tennessee.

Partners provides credentialing and managed care contracting services for its physician members along with East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, a free standing private not-for-profit pediatric hospital; East Tennessee Children’s Home Care, a pediatric home health agency and Children’s West Surgery Center, a for-profit pediatric ambulatory surgery center. 
Partners has been serving the pediatric community since June of 1996 and has arrangements with over 25 managed care organizations. 

Specifically, Partners is dedicated to the following goals:


·                   To deliver quality, efficient and cost effective pediatric health care services to patients, employers and payors.

·                   To ensure its members’ continued financial viability by developing value added managed care contracts, services and affiliations with payors, employers and other providers.

·                   To pursue the development and implementation of clinical outcomes, pathways and practice protocols designed to ensure a clinically appropriate level of care is delivered.

·                   To increase the awareness and acceptance by employers, providers, payors, and the public that infants and children have unique health care needs that are best served by a specialized pediatric delivery system.

·                   To promote Partners and its members as the best choice for pediatric health care services in the region.

·                   To develop and to foster a sense of trust and credibility among Partners and its members.

·                   To provide education and to increase awareness of medical management trends which distinguish pediatric medicine as a viable and distinct medical specialty.

·                   To pursue the integration of provider (hospital and physician) health care services which allow development and delivery of quality pediatric health care services in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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